Do you want to use insurance for your nutrition visit?

Using Insurance
with Licenced Dietitans

You may be wondering right now how insurance works if you want to see a Licensed Dietitian.

Is using insurance a thing?

Will insurance pick up the cost of your nutrition visit?

The answer is yes!

Most health insurance companies cover nutritional counseling. 

So in most instances, you CAN use insurance for your nutrition visit. 

But YOU (not us!) need to call to verify and confirm that you do, in fact, have benefits on your insurance policy for nutritional counseling (Information below!).

This is often the case EVEN if you don’t have an actual diagnosis BUT still want to come in for nutrition counseling for prevention of a disease.

Why not check to see if your insurance policy covers the visits? Start by calling the 800 number on the back of your insurance card and asking to speak with a representative.

The information below will walk you through the steps to see if your insurance will cover your visit’s cost of nutrition counseling.

Once again (not to sound like a broken record), you (not us!) need to do this BEFORE scheduling your visit. We don’t like surprises and assume you don’t either (especially the owe-us-money surprises).  

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Questions About Using Insurance

  • What insurance companies do Nutrition for Autoimmunity participate with?

    At the present time, I am a preferred provider with Cigna.

    I am currently in the process of getting credentialed with Aetna, United HealthCare, Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield, First Choice Health, and Healthnet. This process takes several months.

  • If I live far away, can I use my insurance for telehealth visits with Stephanie?

    Most insurance companies still cover telehealth services. Therefore, when you schedule your visit you will be directed towards the next steps to setting up properly for your telehealth session. However, it is possible your insurance plan may impose a cost-share for you to use this service. Please call your insurance company to confirm your telehealth coverage PRIOR to scheduling your visit.

  • What happens if you do not participate with my insurance?

    If your claim is denied due to a lack of nutrition coverage, or you do not have coverage, our initial visits (90 minutes) are $300, and each follow-up visit (45 minutes) is $150.00. Nutrition for Autoimmunity accepts HSA/FSA and all major credit cards.

  • What questions should I ask when calling my insurance company?

    Please note it is the patient’s responsibility to call their insurance company PRIOR to your visit to confirm coverage. We sound like a broken record – we don’t want our patients to have ANY surprise bills.


    Do I have nutritional counseling coverage on my insurance plan?

    If the insurance company asks for a CPT code, please provide them with the following codes: 97802 and 97803.


    How many visits do I have per calendar year?

    Your carrier will let you know how many visits they are willing to cover. Depending on the carrier, the number of visits varies from 0 to unlimited depending on medical need.


    Will my diagnosis be covered?

    • If the representative asks for a diagnosis code (aka ICD 10 code) – please tell them the visit is coded the ICD 10 code: Z71.3
    • If they don’t accept Z71.3, then provide them with Z72.4 and see if your plan will cover that diagnosis instead.
    • If you are overweight, obese, have pre-diabetes, diabetes, hypertension, or high cholesterol you may want to see what your coverage is for these diagnoses as well.
    • We always code your visit using preventative coding (if applicable) to maximize the number of visits you receive from your insurance carrier. However, if you ONLY have a medical diagnosis (for example: Hashimotos, and you are not overweight or have CVD risk factors) your insurance may impose a cost-share for your visit either in the form of a deductible, co-pay or co-insurance.


    Do I have a cost-share for my nutrition visit?

    • A cost-share is the amount you must pay as required by your particular insurance plan towards your services. A cost-share can be in the form of a deductible, co-pay or co-insurance.
    • We will always bill under your insurance policy’s plan under your preventative benefits if your plan allows it. That being said, if you have preventative benefits, there is often NO cost share for you associated with the visit. Once again, this is something you do want to ask prior to your visit.
    • In the event you have a  cost-share we will initially bill your insurance company directly.  Once we receive the EOB describing your responsibility as the patient, we will bill the credit card on file for the amount noted under ‘patient responsibility.
    • For most insurance companies, dietitians are considered specialists. Therefore, your specialist co-pay is applicable and is payable at the time of service. This information is often apparent on the front of your actual insurance card. However, often because we bill your insurance with preventative counseling the co-pay is often not applicable.
    • We generally wait for the claim to be processed to determine whether or not you have a co-pay and then charge the credit card you have on file with us the co-pay amount.

Summary of questions
to ask to verify your nutrition benefits

Do I have coverage for nutrition counseling?

Do I need a referral to see a Licensed Dietitian?

Are my diagnoses covered in my particular plan?

How many visits per calendar year do I receive?

Do I have a cost-share for these services?

Is there an associated cost for me if I choose to have the appointment as a telehealth visit versus an in-person visit?

If you have any questions after verifying your benefits, we are happy to help. Please email me at and I will return your message within 48 business hours. 

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What our clients say

Sunshine N.
Sunshine N.
May 17, 2023
Stephanie is truly amazing at her craft. I have been suffering with an autoimmune condition (Hashimoto's thyroiditis) and she's helped me understand my body and its relationship to food better than anyone else. I truly value her kindness, her forward thinking and her resourcefulness. I seen a 40% decrease in my symptoms and I anticipate that she will help me much more. I would not hesitate to recommend Nutrition for Autoimmunity for your nutritional needs.
Kristi Horstman
Kristi Horstman
March 19, 2023
After 2 decades of digestive issues, being misdiagnosed and put on medication for IBS, and extreme inflammation in my entire body, Stephanie was able to work with me to pinpoint which foods were driving 90% of the health issues I was having! I've come off many medications and have the energy to getting back to feeling like myself. I no longer have to plan my entire life around my digestive system and have been able to get back to being active!
Nicole Crites
Nicole Crites
December 28, 2022
Stephanie came highly recommended by my naturopathic doctor and I found her at a time when I was navigating a newly diagnosed autoimmune condition and was completely overwhelmed. During our first session, we did a deep dive into my symptoms and was she very was empathic and understanding and provided me with the tools and resources I needed to begin my healing journey. Through working with Stephanie I not only learned which foods were triggering my symptoms but I felt better within 3 months and my labs showed a significant decrease in inflammation. Stephanie is a wealth of knowledge who empowers you to be your own health advocate and I highly recommend her to anyone navigating autoimmune disease.
Alicia Walcher
Alicia Walcher
December 22, 2022
I am so lucky that my naturopath referred me to Stephanie. Not only is she such a caring person, she’s extremely knowledgeable about what she does. I personally have some immune system issues and some possible mast cell issues after having COVID in May of ‘21. She had low histamine food plans that were way more exciting than anything I had found online and I became more excited about eating for the first time in a while. Her knowledge of SIBO, mast cell issues, autoimmunity and other gut related issues helped me to get the testing I needed to get a proper diagnosis and treatment. I’m so grateful for my time with Stephanie and am looking forward to working with her again to help me through healing my gut!
Lisa Chung
Lisa Chung
December 11, 2022
Early in the year, I was diagnosed with a scary autoimmune disease called Graves’. It means I have a hyperactive thyroid driving my metabolism sky high. I was itchy and scratchy at night, and toasty even on a cool winter’s day. I could often hear the pounding of my rabbit’s heart, and see the extra congestion in my eyes. My woman’s doctor recommended I see Stephanie at Nutrition for Autoimmunity for dietary support, in conjunction with taking Methimazole under the care of an Endocrinologist. I wasn’t sure what to expect but Stephanie has become one of my angels this year. I had so many and too many questions for her about what to eat and what not to eat. If a product is pasture-raised, is it safe to assume it’s organic too? Do I really need to avoid broccoli? and where do I source chicken back and chicken neck for homemade broth? were just a few of the wild questions I never thought I would need to ask. She answered ALL of them with kindness, patience and humor. I was Stephanie’s first Graves’ patient but that didn’t deter me. Her willingness to learn more about my disease by doing extra research and seeking out doctors for answers was refreshing and reassuring. I’ve met and seen about 10 different healthcare professionals on this journey, and by far she’s been the most down to earth, genuine and generous with her knowledge and time. When I traveled overseas and wanted to figure out a way to enjoy the food while limiting possible symptoms, she graciously and skillfully devised a well-thought out plan with zero judgment. What I love about Stephanie is she’s realistic. She presents the facts, so I can make an informed decision. It’s never a hard no. She’s been on this journey and shares her own setbacks. She understands too well the complexity of it all, and therefore has a marathon mentality versus a sprint one. My heart goes out to anyone with a new autoimmune disease, but my hope is that they all can seek refuge in Stephanie to make it less scary.
Sara Wilson
Sara Wilson
June 2, 2022
Stephanie is an absolute delight! Warm, caring, and extremely knowledgeable, she really knows her stuff. Being not only a nutritionist but also an AIP-certified coach is a win-win for anyone looking to put and keep their autoimmune condition in remission. Armed with intelligence and experience on all things autoimmunity, Stephanie is a wonderful nutritionist who provides practical tips and insightful resources. Her guidance made all the difference!, and I couldn't be happier with her services! Thank you, Stephanie!
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